Nutrimania Direct: a Vegan Delivery Service in Montreal

Nutrimania Direct: a Vegan Delivery Service in Montreal

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Montreal – January 6, 2015 – You’re looking for ways to eat healthy, day after day. It’s not easy task with today’s available food choices. So here is a new option: Nutrimania-Direct — Café Nutrimania’s delivery service!

In just a few minutes, you can order delicious vegan freshly prepared meals. You can enjoy these meals at home or at work, and save hours on cooking and grocery shopping!

Our meals are inspired by the most recent trends in plant-powered nutrition, developed by our professional chef and in-house nutritionist. Our meals allow you to increase the intake of vegetables, fruits, legumes and plant proteins, bringing numerous benefits to your health, physical appearance, weight control and more generally, quality of life.

Nutrimania Direct is meant for those who would like to integrate such meals into their diet, at reasonable cost. The service is just as much intended for the health-conscious person as it is for the athlete and other people requiring a higher caloric intake.

Nutrimania Direct offers meals that are vegan but can be integrated into other diets as well. For example, if you decide to order meals for three days a week, you can a maintain vegetarian, omnivore, or even paleo diet for the remaining four days.

Our first delivery will take place Tuesday January 13 2015. You can order online through our website starting now, and be among the first to enjoy our innovative system, adapted to the needs of our modern lifestyle.

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